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Our goal is to conduct various projects in the highest achievable quality.

Do it right,
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Land conversion and reclamation
Land conversion and reclamation

In a need for professional land conversion and reclamation?
Want to convert your land to make prerequisites for agriculture? Contact us for professional purification and land conversion as a prerequisite for your needs. Find out more

Contact us for professional purification and land conversion as a prerequisite for your needs.


In a need of consultation about agriculture and agricultural services?


Want to invest in Croatia? We offer professional business consulting, starting businesses consulting, reaching prerequisites for a business start-up.

Want to take over an already running business? Let us take care of it and just pick up the key when the project is done.

Usluge u šumarstvu i poljoprivredi
Forestry and agriculture services

Services in agriculture and forestry, forest passageways, obtaining wood biomass, underbrushing, stump removal, terrain levelling?

From modest beginnings to high quality business.

Our journey so far

In 2015 we started our own personal agricultural business. Soon after that, we came to see disadvantages of running a family farm. Our goal was to develop at least three services in order to get stability in an unpredictable economy. That’s why we decided to expand our business to multiple services. We specialized through years of experience and work in agriculture, as well as in professional training and acquiring new skills. All acquired knowledge and skills were used for our own needs. After some time, inquires on local and state level started coming up, and at the moment, we run our business on an international level, where we offer our consulting services to international investors.


Want to invest in agriculture? Want to run a business in agriculture?

In a need of agricultural land? Need advice about starting a new business? Need consulting and service of conversion agricultural land? You don’t want to stress about making prerequisites for agricultural manufacture and are solely interested in turnkey system? Contact us, we are here for you!



We cooperate with a lot of private sellers and companies, which gives us more than 5 000 hectares of land at our disposal, ready for your investments. Want to invest in Croatian agriculture? Contact us!

With our knowledge, experience, professional skills and equipment we bring consistent quality in all services we perform!

Recent news

Uspješno završena mjera EU fondova za poljoprivredu, 6.1.1. Potpora mladim poljoprivrednicima u iznosu od 50.000€,
Uspješno odrađena konverzija degradiranih šumskih sastojina. 6003 sadnice bukve i graba na površini približnoj 4 hektara. Hvala svima koji su surađivali na ovom projektu 💪💪 our partner Ecosystem enterprises d.o.o.
Tvrtka Schepin iz Slunja kao primjer uspješnog poslovanja, u to se uvjerila i županica Karlovačke županije
678 ha
Available for investment
65 ha
13 %
Fond assets used
More than
pieces of equipment at our disposal